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The legend of the almond blossom in the Algarve     

(here one version of many:)mandelbaum

According to the legend many centuries ago Chelb, the future town Silves, was reigned by the Moorish prince Ibn-Almundimn. One day he met Gilda, a North African princess, a beauty with long blond hair. They fell in love. Then he took her to his castle, where they lived happily for a while. But in the first winter a great sadness came over Gilda. No gift could please her, she cried every day. Finally, the diagnosis of a doctor: she misses the snow-capped mountains of the High Atlas, her home country. The prince, unhappy with the state of his wife, was looking for a solution and found it: he gave orders to plant almond trees across the Algarve. And when the next spring came, he took her to the window of his castle, where they looked at a sea of white flowers of almonds, reminding her of the snow covered hills of her country. From that day on they lived happily in deep love, hoping that next spring again offers these flowers.

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