Those who want to do some sports will find some opportunities in the immediate surroundings of our Quinta.

Visitors can choose between various options to explorethe area on foot. Whether you opt for a tour of about 8 km(round trip) to the chapel Sant`Ana , follow the Funcho Dam or hike a section of the Via Algarviana, we provide you with appropriate information and maps to assist you.

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If the nearby dam reservoir (about 400 m) has still got enough water at this season, nothing should prevent to take a bath. Experienced cyclists enjoy the hilly landscape. And who wants to take a long walk, will find what he is looking for.

Ermida de Sant'Ana, São Bartolomeu de Messines

The chapel is located in a hilly countryside, about 5 km from São Bartolomeu de Messines. It was here, where in 1834 the famous Battle of Sant'Ana took place, with the glorious hero "Remexido". It can be assumed, that those bones, that were found by renovations, belong to these soldiers, who died in the fighting. Although it is not known, when the Ermida was built, it is certain, that she was already in 1758 an integral part of a farm, that had the same name. Currently,the chapel works as a spiritual center. The adjacent builtout building are used for spiritual gatherings and celebrations.




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