Bird Watching in the Algarve



(Grey Heron)

The Algarve offers many possibilities to birders. You may observe flamingos and grey herons in important damp biotopes like the "Lagoon Ria Formosa" and the nature reservation "Sapal de Castro Marim".  Or you visit the "Lagoa dos Salgados", an inland water between Armação de Pêra and Albufeira, which serves many birds as nesting site. Among them also many threatened birds, like the tufted duck (Aythya nyroca).


(White Stork)

A further centre of attraction for ornithologists is the nature preserve "Costa Vicentina" located at the west coast.  It is the only well-known place around the world, where white storks are nesting on sea cliffs, just like herons and hawk eagles.  Also the area at the southwest coast of the Algarve serves sea-eagles as last retreat place in the Mediterranean area. The red-billed chough can be observed here.  Particularly in October, when many migratory birds on their way to Africa make stopover in the area of Sagres and Cabo de S. Vicente, ornithologists and birders come in order to enjoy the show.





(Bildquelle:, Grey Heron© Andre Möller, White Stork© Jason Sellers)



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